DI-A-LOG | The Photography of Kausthub Desikachar

I experience photography as a dialog between the subject and photographer, the subject and his environment, or between multiple subjects that occupy the same canvas. Then there is the dialog between the photograph and the viewer. Though photographs are a silent art form, they speak so much and have such different layers of meaning to the observer. 

Though I generally shoot a wide variety of themes, my current focus is on these four exciting projects. You can view the latest photographs in each project, by clicking on corresponding the menu bar below at the bottom of the page. 


This project focuses on capturing ways through which humans strongly identify themselves. Be it through religion, job, family, body-art or fashion statement, this photo series reveal the layers of distinctiveness in personalities. 


Yogis come in many shapes and sizes. And Yoga is appropriate to each one of them. Through this set of images, the holistic aspect of Yoga, appealing to the entire range of human beings will be recorded.


I am fascinated by faces. So much about a person is revealed through the expressions in one’s face. FACES is a series of tight portrait images that aim to capture this precise moment in the subject’s life. 


The divine presence can be felt everywhere, in all creation. We can perceive this only when our heart is open. This series captures how nature forms a canvas for God’s amazing creations.